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When you’re away from your usual at-home cycling bike or using a bike that doesn’t have a monitor, how do you keep your cadence or track your workout? The Wahoo Cadence Sensor is one tool that can be easily installed and possesses a lot of features that helps all forms of cycling enthusiasts. The Wahoo Cadence Sensor is lightweight (.08 grams) and small in size (6.5 x 4 x 0.5 inches). You can install the Wahoo on all types of cycling shoes or attach it to the crank arm.

Once paired with the Wahoo App via bluetooth, while using the app you can track your workout duration, cadence, heart rate (if paired with a monitor), distance, calories and speed. This data can also be sent to other apps such as MapMyRide, Strava, or Cyclemeter.

A big benefit of using the Wahoo Cadence Sensor is that it uses a replaceable battery, meaning you do not need to constantly remove and charge the sensor. According to Wahoo, a new CR2032 battery can last up to 12 months. Coming in under $40, adding the Wahoo Cadence Sensor to your cycling tool bag is a great investment to help track your workouts if you’re traveling to multiple cycling studios or on the road.

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