In this tutorial we go through swapping out indoor cycling cage pedals with the Shimano MTB Sport Pedals (SPD Pedals). Swapping out your pedals is a great upgrade that goes hand-in-hand with using cycling shoes. Please make sure to check your cleat type and ensure you have the proper pedal. In this tutorial we are using an SPD cleat with an SPD appropriate pedal.

The tool you will need for this swap is pretty basic. A 15mm wrench is all you need, but if you have a bike wrench that is great as well. The ideal place to start is checking your owner’s manual for the direction you will need to turn your wrench. In this tutorial (and from other pedal swaps performed) turning clockwise will loosen the pedal for removal. This is different than what we are typically taught so please refer to your owner’s manual for confirmation. After removing the pedal, hand tighten the new pedal and then finish by using your 15mm wrench.


Products Used in This Tutorial
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