In this tutorial we go through setting up SPD indoor cycling cleats on the NIKE SuperRep Cycle shoes. The concept is very similar regardless of what indoor cycling shoes you have, and the process is relatively simple. There is only one tool that you will need for this set up and that is a 4mm allen wrench.

To start, take out the receiver end of the cleat on the inside of the shoe. Next, get your SPD cleat out of its package and place it over the bottom holes of the shoe. Line up the smaller metal pieces with the receiver on the inside. Use your hand inside the shoe to help apply force while you start to screw in the bolts with your opposite hand. Once you have screwed in the bolts as much as you can by hand, use the 4mm allen wrench to tightly finish the process. Make sure not to strip the bolts but to have a snug enough fit. 



Products Used in This Tutorial
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