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Are you in the market for an at-home cycling bike? In this review, Time 2 Train Fitness instructor Brooke Johnson shares why she purchased the Schwinn IC4 over a year ago, and the pros and cons based on her experience of being a cycling instructor. The Schwinn IC4 is priced under $800 at the moment and is an indoor cycling option that comes with all the essentials for building endurance, tracking your workout and adjusting to your body type.

Brooke starts this review by sharing why she purchased the IC4 when she was on the hunt for a new bike. One of the best features that Brooke shares is its portability and size. The bike has wheels in the front and its size isn’t too big, so moving it around when not in use is a pretty easy process. The Schwinn IC4 comes with strap-in pedals that are also SPD compatible when flipped over. If you have delta cleats, swapping out the pedals is a relatively easy process that can be done with a few tools.

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The negatives that Brooke shares were minimal and were fixed with a couple calls to the very helpful Schwinn customer service. The size of the tablet holder is a bit small but at the same time, purchasing the IC4 means that you can subscribe to any workout platform that you choose. Unlike the Peleton, your online workout options are limitless and if you wanted to you could participate in multiple workout subscriptions.

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Brooke Johnson has been in the fitness industry for a little over 10-years. She started out as an indoor cycling instructor and has been teaching a variety of formats since. Currently she resides in beautiful Maryland with her husband and two kids. Brooke is also a certified as a personal trainer through NETA.

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