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Foot care and improving your foot health has become a revitalized practice over the last few years that is very necessary. You walk with your feet, your feet are part of your core, and you build force from the ground up. Spending a small amount of time daily to improve your foot health can make activity more enjoyable and improve performance across many spectrums.

In this review and demo, Tyler Valencia goes over the Naboso Toe Splays. These small accessory items when combined with other foot care items can make an impact on your feet’s health and hopefully improve your daily workouts. As stated on the Naboso website, the Toe Splays are recommended for:

  • Stretching and releasing the toes after long hours in shoes
  • Supporting natural toe alignment for hammertoes and bunions
  • Improving foot splay which can minimize neuroma pain
  • Stretching the plantar fascia and minimizing plantar fasciitis or arch pain
  • Anyone looking for healthy foot alignment

Tyler starts this review by sharing why he purchased the Toe Splays, then shares his experience using them, before showing a demo of how to put them on. It’s important to note that the Toe Splays are part of a tool box when trying to improve your foot’s health. With most things in health & fitness, consistency is key and a daily regimen with the Toe Splays will create the biggest benefit.

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