In this review of the Naboso Duo Insoles, Tyler shares why he believes these shoe insoles are the best ones he’s tried so far. As mentioned in the unboxing video, he had experienced foot pain from sitting at a desk for work and would have to try different techniques to alleviate this pain prior to working out. After over a full month of wearing these insoles, Tyler shares why he’s a believer and how any of the Naboso insoles can benefit anyone looking to improve their health.

The Naboso line of insoles are recommended for waking up the feet when standing at work, enhancing foot awareness and increasing foot stimulation. The Duo Insoles (insoles used in the review) offer the highest level of stimulation and are recommended for the minimal shoe user and for day-to-day use. The other insoles offered by Naboso range depending on the amount of stimulation desired and type of application. For example, Naboso offers insoles for individuals performing dynamic movements (e.g., running) and those with chronic neurological conditions. When looking at these insoles take into account your budget and how you want to utilize the insole.

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