Finding time to exercise is a barrier many of us face. Work can bog us down, or life’s daily grind can beat us up. But we have seen how exercise can energize our day and help us achieve more throughout the typical week. In this episode of the Time 2 Train Podcast, host Tyler Valencia talks with fitness YouTuber Courtney Andersen about strategies to maximize your time exercising and how to get started today instead of waiting for the new year. One of the tips that Courtney shares is to start your fitness plan before the new year. Creating consistency is building a base for your fitness, and in the initial stages, it can be challenging. Working on your fitness plan now can help jumpstart your new year and move you further along your journey.

Courtney Andersen is a fitness YouTuber with over 28,000 subscribers. She creates HIIT, kickboxing, and strength workouts for viewers worldwide to follow along. Along with running her YouTube channel, she teaches in person around Southern California while raising three boys. A workout tip that helped shape Counrtey’s recent workouts is shortening the time to rest while exercising. Keeping shorter rest periods has helped her build endurance, improving her hobbies such as hiking, running, and swimming.

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