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McCall Tycksen

barre instructor

McCall has a passion for movement and helping others increase their potential. As a former professional dancer, health teacher, and high school drill team coach, McCall loves to help others improve their quality of life by increasing their awareness of health and fitness. McCall has instructed group fitness for the last five years in multiple formats including barre, stroller fitness, circuit classes, trampoline fitness, and as a trainer for HIGH fitness. She has an AFAA certification and a bachelor’s degree in health education from Utah Valley University.

McCall resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her family. She loves Diet Coke, spontaneous dance parties, and adventuring in the great outdoors with her husband and three kids.

Time 2 Train Classes: Barre Monday & Wednesday @ 8:15am – 9:00am PST

Brooke Johnson

Cycling Instructor

Brooke Johnson’s love of cycling shows when she can challenge, inspire, and motivate riders. When the lights go on and the music turns up you should be ready for an exciting and engaging ride. Brooke is in her 6th year as a certified cycling instructor and is also a NETA certified personal trainer. Brooke continues to research and grow in cycling, always trying to keep her class fresh and empowering. Brookes guidance, encouragement and support will help you every step of the way in becoming a better, stronger version of yourself. She believes finding time for yourself and your health is very important and a great example for your family.
Brooke resides in Maryland with her husband and two active children. Brooke is proud to represent the east coast for Time 2 Train! 
“I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count.”- Muhammad Ali 

Time 2 Train Classes: Cycle35+ Monday & Friday@ 9:15am – 10:00am PST

Vickie Kuchinski

Yoga Instructor

Vickie Kuchinski is a 200-hour certified Yoga Instructor and has been teaching and practicing yoga for over ten years.  Vickie turned to yoga to alleviate depression and has been practicing ever since. When diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017, yoga played an integral part in her healing process; not only physically but emotionally and physiologically.

Time 2 Train Classes: Vinyasa Yoga Monday @ 6:00pm-6:45PM PST, Yin Yoga Thursday @ 6:00pm-6:45PM PST, & Vinyasa Yoga Saturday @ 9:00am-9:45am PST

Dr. Ayla Donlin

Strength Intervals Instructor

Dr. Ayla Donlin is a certified health and wellness coach and holds multiple positions within higher education and the fitness industry. Dr. Donlin is the director of the LifeFit Center @ The Beach, a research and experiential learning laboratory at Long Beach State University, where she also lectures for the department of kinesiology. Ayla has been active in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness director, master trainer, health club general manager, and wellness coach.

Time 2 Train Classes: Strength Intervals Tuesday @ 9:15am – 10:00am PST

Delia Ann Hayden

HIIT Instructor

Delia Ann Hayden has been teaching group fitness for five years. She started playing sports when she was five-years old and has always lived an active lifestyle. Delia grew up with a dad who was a sports coach which meant the gym was a second home. That is, until she went to college and gained the freshmen 15 plus some. This reinvigorated her love of the gym and inspired her to take her first step aerobics class and her love of group fitness grew from there. Fast forward 10 years, she started her career as a group fitness instructor. She loves being around others, motivating them, and gaining new friends!

Time 2 Train Classes: HIIT Tuesday & Thursday @ 8:15am – 9:00am PST

Chellie Thomas

Dance & Strength instructor

Chellie got her start early on in fitness when her father co-owned a gym in her home town when she was little. A true lover of dance, she was inspired her to get a degree in it and then teach that as her first fitness format. From there, the love grew to many fun fitness formats and brought out the need to learn and teach more. Personal training came into the mix after that and the learning has yet to stop by getting advanced education in performance enhancement, corrective exercise and cancer exercise specialty training to name a few. She loves teaching to all levels and moving to music in dance, HIIT, and strength formats especially.

Time 2 Train Classes: Strength Monday & Wednesday @ 6:00PM-6:45PM PST, & Strength Tuesday @ 5:30PM-6:15PM PST

Mirna Dahdal

Barre & Indoor Cycling Instructor

Mirna has a strong belief in the power and benefits of exercise. She emphasizes the value of movement and how it is essential for improving, maintaining, and enhancing strength and stability throughout the human body. Mirna has been a fitness instructor since 2018. She is certified by AFAA and teaches barre, indoor cycling, and various formats within group fitness. Mirna’s passion for fitness began at a young age and continued throughout her life. She is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and corrective exercise specialist practicing in the North Phoenix area.
Mirna currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and three boys. Living an active lifestyle is part of her families everyday life, making it a regular event for the family to set up a “family fit month challenge”.

Time 2 Train Classes: Barre Tuesday & Thursday @ 12:15pm – 1:00pm PST & Indoor Cycling On Demand

Megan Cloe

Cycling Instructor

Time 2 Train Classes: On Demand

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