Indoor cycling can be an effective way to build endurance, strength, and have fun during an at-home workout. These days, finding an at-home cycling workout can be a fun process where you see different teaching styles and learn about their views on health & fitness. In this Time 2 Train Podcast episode, host Kelly Favret chats with YouTube cycling instructor Joe Alvarado on the nitty-gritty of crafting that killer indoor cycling rides.

From music-driven classes to heart-pounding interval sessions, Kelly and Joe break down the creative process and give you a backstage pass to the effort it takes to curate a whole online class experience. Kelly and Joe are both YouTube fitness instructors and have blossoming channels. They share what goes into their process and how viewers can get the most out of their workouts. Plus, this episode shares some tips for staying motivated as we gear up for the fresh new year!

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