What are some of the key pieces of workout equipment when building an at-home gym? What about if you’re on a budget? In this for fun video, Tyler assembles an at-home gym while staying under (or close to) a $1000 budget. This video is not meant to be serious and is more about seeing what you can purchase for this budget.

Working out at home has been a convenience for many prior to 2020 and many more are seeing the benefit. This video shows you a couple routes you can take while assembling your at-home workout equipment and the thought process behind each selection. A side piece of information to remember is that this assembled workout equipment can probably be found cheaper on secondary marketplaces such as Facebook Market or OfferUp.

Let us know what your favorite piece of equipment is for your home gym!

Products Mentioned in This Tutorial 
POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell (2020 Model) – CLICK HERE. 
Megoal Workout Resistance Bands – CLICK HERE. 
Synergee Regional Olympic 20kg – CLICK HERE. 
BalanceFrom Cast Iron Olympic 2-Inch Weight Plate – CLICK HERE. 
Marcy Deluxe Versatile Flat Bench – CLICK HERE. 
Wonder Bar Alloy Steel Olympic Barbell – CLICK HERE.