Over the last few years at-home gym equipment has evolved and grown. One of those machines that have come to at-home exercisers is the hip thrust or glute drive. Many have performed this using a step or bench with the added load from a barbell. At-home options have started to hit the market but how are they practical?

In this review we go over the Core Home Fitness Glute Drive Plus. This option can be adjusted from the glute drive into a flat bench, and then easily stored away. The Glute Drive Plus comes in at $349.99 and the basic Glute Drive at 299.99. Adding resistance to this exercise is done with bands which have a maximum load of 180lbs.

The Glute Drive Plus is a solid option for those looking to perform this exercise at home. The “plus” option that can be adjusted to a flat bench relatively easily allows more options for those working out in small spaces or building an at-home gym.

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