In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who prefer to work out at home instead of going to a gym. As a result, the market for at-home gym equipment has evolved and grown. One of the machines that has become popular for at-home workouts is the hip thrust or glute drive. This exercise focuses on strengthening the glutes and hamstrings and involves lifting the hips off the ground.

Traditionally, people used to perform this exercise using a step or bench with the additional weight of a barbell. However, with the rise of at-home workouts, various options have emerged to cater to this demand. These at-home options are usually compact and designed to be used without the need for a lot of additional space.

Despite their advantages, many people wonder if at-home glute drive machines are practical. They may not be as versatile as traditional gym equipment, and their effectiveness might also be limited. Some at-home options may not provide enough resistance or may not be adjustable, making it difficult to vary the intensity of the exercise.

Tyler Valencia reviews the Core Home Fitness Glute Drive Plus. This option can be adjusted from the glute drive into a flat bench and then easily stored away. The Glute Drive Plus costs $229.99 on Amazon. Bands with a maximum load of 180 lbs add resistance to this exercise.

The Glute Drive Plus stands out as a solid option for those looking to perform this exercise at home. Its unique feature is the “plus” option that can be adjusted to a flat bench relatively easily, offering more versatility for those working out in small spaces or building an at-home gym.

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