The Time 2 Train Podcast is here, and episode one starts with insight from two of the Instructors, Tyler Valencia and McCall Tycksen. This episode starts with some background into the Time 2 Train Podcast and what you can expect with future episodes. The second half is a conversation between Tyler and McCall about finding fitness activities and sharing tips from their busy professional lives. McCall is a busy mom of four and very active in her fitness community. Working in the greater Phoenix metropolitan and providing live and online fitness instruction, McCall still finds time for herself, and she shares tips for busy moms in the same boat. Tyler is the owner of Time 2 Train Fitness and also runs an online fitness education, KIPS. He shares his experiences with trying new hobbies and how that has evolved into his current outlook on fitness.

One of the best takeaways from this episode is that finding activities you enjoy is vital to overall fitness. If you enjoy participating, there’s a higher chance that you come back for future events. For years, fitness and exercise have been marketed as “pushing through the pain” and being “tough.” However, as the numbers show, the obesity rate is still increasing, and information on exercise is still not as prevalent. The activities you find don’t always have to be complicated and exert you physically, but moving your body through space is key. You want to use all of the muscles in your body and get them contracting.

Listen to the first episode of the Time 2 Train Podcast, and let us know what activities you enjoy!

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