Creating a consistent workout routine can be filled with many unknowns when you’re just starting to exercise. Questions like, how many days per week should I exercise? How many sets and reps should I do each time? What type of exercises SHOULD I do? These questions lead to even more questions, often leading to over-analyzing by paralysis. No wonder beginners get confused with their fitness journey, especially with how exercise is often depicted on social media, television, and advertisements. In this episode of the Time 2 Train Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D. (c), gives four tips for building a workout routine that works and pulls from stories of training clients and teaching group fitness classes.

In this episode, we learned that staying flexible and adaptable to your weekly workout routine is crucial. Your body undergoes significant physical and mental stressors throughout a typical week, and minor tweaks to your exercise plan can make a big difference in your overall progress. A perfect example of this is when you find yourself with a hectic work schedule at the beginning of the week and attempt to incorporate a demanding workout that leaves you feeling completely drained. Not only are you limiting your ability to exercise again that week, but you are also adding in extra recovery elements that may not get the needed attention.

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