In this 35-minute beginner cycle workout, Brooke takes you through some of the basics of a cycling workout all while in the saddle. This ride is all about getting you comfortable with cycling terminology, building endurance, and getting you ready for your next workout!

Or are you looking for an easier workout on a recovery day? This easier cycle workout can be great to give the body some rest while getting your heart rate elevated.

Cycle35+ is one of our mainstay streaming workouts. This virtual workout class incorporates 35-minutes of cycling with an upper body circuit.

Need help with your bike set up? CLICK HERE. 

Brooke Johnson has been in the fitness industry for a little over 10-years. She started out as an indoor cycling instructor and has been teaching a variety of formats since. Currently she resides in beautiful Maryland with her husband and two kids. Brooke is also a certified as a personal trainer through NETA.