Join Time 2 Train Fitness Instructor Stacy Merrill for this at-home 45-minute HIIT workout! In this session Stacy is going to take you through low and high impact options for each workout, while pushing you through cardio based segments. For this workout all you’ll need is a pair of dumbbells. If you’re feeling like you need a challenge, try getting a heavy and light pair of dumbbells to utilize throughout the workout.

HIIT workouts are a great way to incorporate intervals with popular exercises. This dumbbell HIIT workout can be modified depending on your fitness level and the space you have to exercise. If at any time you feel nauseous or discomfort, please stop and reassess the situation. Even though HIIT workouts can be great for saving time and accomplishing a lot of exercises, it’s important that you exercise within your limits. Exercise smart and remember that consistency is key!