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When starting an at-home cycling workout, finding the right class can be a challenge… Instructor Brooke takes you through a variety of cycling drills that can be modified to your fitness level and will provide you with the motivation to push through. Cycle35 is 35-minutes of on the bike work, followed up with a cool down and light stretch. Get your bike ready, grab your water, and let’s rack up some miles.

Try this Bike Fitting with Brooke – CLICK HERE.

Want to warm up first? Try this Pre-Ride Dynamic Warm Up – CLICK HERE. 

Brooke Johnson has been in the fitness industry for a little over 10-years. She started out as an indoor cycling instructor and has been teaching a variety of formats since. Currently she resides in beautiful Maryland with her husband and two kids. Brooke is also a certified as a personal trainer through NETA.

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