Working out and improving your health is possible on any budget. When creating an at-home solution, setting your budget can help keep your finances in order but also make sure you’re not over spending on equipment that might not be used in a few months. In this video, Tyler Valencia goes over three tips for working out at-home on a budget and how you can implement these tips.

The first tip provided is that there are plenty of workout formats and channels on YouTube! Of course if you’re watching this video we hope that you’re one of our great subscribers but if not know there’s a variety of channels for any format you can think of. Two great channels to check out are from Courtney Anderson and Kaleigh Cohen Cycling. With any workout program, always make sure you’re staying within your limits. Injuries are often caused by improper technique and repetitive stress. If you are uncomfortable with an exercise, stick with what you know!

The second tip provided is to buy equipment from online markets! Facebook Market and OfferUp are two great resources that you can save money and get great equipment. These marketplaces often feature equipment that the previous owner just wanted to get rid of. Make sure you have your payment ready and able to head over to purchase the equipment.

The last tip mentioned is to read the reviews when buying online equipment. Some equipment brands you’ve never heard of can be great for the use you’re looking to fill and oftentimes you can save money. From a motivational standpoint, buying a more affordable option can be used as a goal to build up to the more expensive item. Set a goal that if you use the cheaper option a certain amount of time, then you can go get the other one later.